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Thanks for the wonderful software! It fits well for my game, Legacy Bits, which is being developed using HaxeFlixel. Gonna send money if the game goes well one day.

Also found something which seems a glitch. When I put an object with image (Insert Tile) in Objects Layer, the Y value was increased by that tile height (in my case, the Y was 16, which supposed to 0). The X is correct. Had to do object.y += 16 to get correctly placed in the game.


That is not a glitch but an unfortunate inconsistency in where the objects are anchored. Whereas rectangle objects have their origin in the top-left, the tile objects have their origin in the bottom-left (or even bottom-center, in the case of isometric maps). At some point in the future I'd like to unify all this.

Thanks for the reply.

Will there be an option to change the anchor in the future?

Probably. There's a related issue on GitHub about having the anchor in the center. I'm just not sure exactly where to put this option yet.