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Are you from Hungary? Because I have found ,,magyar" language in the menu (csak mert én is magyar vagyok!)

Its a great game! Sometimes I notice the free Unity palm trees, stacked up but the atmosphere is amaizing. I dont want to say big, but its like Cyberpunk 2077.

Yep, I'm working, living and born in Budapest :)  

Amm the free assets here, becouse at the beginning it was a kind of challenge for me to use onyl free suffz from the store and the internet.  The point was to make something good loking from these. Only at the end stage of the development I bought some building and virtual trash to make it look better. 

This is the reason too, why Unity Ethan is the bar owner :D

Yeah, its hard to find free assets. Or you can make them in Blender, but its difficult.

Otherwise, you did a nicejob! Fantasztikus játékot alkottál!