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Oh man. It was My idea!
but you made it even better! Congrats!

alright, I didn't want to interrupt you. I just wanted to support this project(or your work)

Oke, good luck on your projects and studies!

Nice game! Write me if I can help you in anything connected to this game development.

Yeah, its hard to find free assets. Or you can make them in Blender, but its difficult.

Otherwise, you did a nicejob! Fantasztikus játékot alkottál!

Are you from Hungary? Because I have found ,,magyar" language in the menu (csak mert én is magyar vagyok!)

Its a great game! Sometimes I notice the free Unity palm trees, stacked up but the atmosphere is amaizing. I dont want to say big, but its like Cyberpunk 2077.

its very similar to goat sim.

WOW! 5/5! Beautiful art, funny features, amaizing physics. Nice game!

HI! Nice game. The random generator needs some development, the art is fine. I have found 1 bug: if you press SPACE bar repeatly, (like spam) the ball will bounce higher and higher. Funny.

I recommend Hun.