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Screen fit is messed up.  Looks fun though, will try to play through it.

Had to get it to 175% to see the text like Evo on the right side. Then scroll around to see the whole ground where the presents are. Got it in full screen mode on chrome but could really use it's own full screen feature so everything fits on screen.

I beat the game. It was quicker than I expected. It was more fun than most of the merge games I've played because the art was fun to look at. And the parallel groups of evolutions were different to the genre.

Wouldn't mind a new game plus mode that's harder and slows things down to give people more time to appreciate what they are looking at.  It just flies by.  But it was a lot of fun. Very creative cool looking characters.

Oh sorry about the screen size issue! What resolution is your screen? I will look into it today. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!