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Fun game. Maxed it out on day 53 or 54. Quick game but fun. Thanks for making and sharing.

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I was really confused at first. I thought maybe the things attaching to each other meant I was winning. Then I thought, they were attaching too fast and too easily and I got kind of scared thinking Oh no I think I'm going to lose the game if too many of these things connect so I started popping them apart then they kept joining anyways and I thought it would be game over soon. Then I read the description.

I really enjoy this game. The lighthearted mood to it. It's a nice way to unwind after a hard day of work.  I think I broke the game. Maybe put in some code where if the numbers get negative somehow it automatically changes them back to positive. Every time I click it just gets to be a bigger negative number, which makes sense, I'm deducting time from a negative number. But it doesn't tic down or move. It's just stuck there unless I click and get even further from zero. It seems to have happened because I was cooking too fast but I'm not sure. Like I put a new one in while taking an old chopped item out at sort of the same time.

That sounds fun. The only other thing I can think of is to show the upgrades level and max level. So a little 1/10 next to the spawn speed or 3/4 by boat speed.

I see now I could have worded that better. There was nothing wrong with the ending. But I wanted to keep playing a bit longer to see how fast I could get the fish to spawn. Just for fun.  A button saying continue after the end to let people sandbox a little might be an improvement.

The only thing I didn't appreciate was the game ending.

I followed the four steps. When I press "any key" nothing happens.  Tried space then j the next time.

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I like the fast pace. I don't like dogs and rats looking like the same red mist phantom demon from your nightmares. I'd like them to look somewhat like rats and dogs. Does every enemy in the game have this same avatar image? I like the look of Isabel. I like that she is endlessly quickly massacring every enemy she comes across. I don't like that I have no idea how in the hell she is so deadly. I'd like something in the game to indicate why she's so insanely killer. A massive sword slashing image? She's made of nanobots? Something to make it make a little bit of sense not just "hi I'm hot and everything I look at quickly dies"

And it's cool how there's story written in between fight stages. I think that helps people get drawn in or absorbed in it. 

Beat the demo and wanted more so it must be good.

It just says "How do you want to open this file?" Meaning, which program opens this kind of file? Because the file has no extension or file type associated with it.

I downloaded it but what do I do with this file? It has no file extension type. Just "file".

Surprisingly good. Somehow I expected less just from the screenshots. I've played too many idle clicker games and it's biased me. Expect bad. It was top 20 percent of idle games. I feel safe saying.  Ended kind of soon. And when it did, I saw the cutest cat in the whole game was in the credits scene. Or the after the ending scene. And I didn't get to see it the entire game. He/she never showed up as an accomplice.  So that was a little sad. Sometimes I guess you just can't hug every cat.

I gave up at tier 2. It was slow but there was something to it where I almost wanted to keep trying. Did you make it to the moon?

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Satisfying clicker. As advertised. Would love a randomized mode for all the colors and the (purchased) cliqqer being chosen at random each new round. Except for letting the cursor be the background color. Some moving targets might be fun.

Looks fun. I can't play it unless it fits to screen size.

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This was fun

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Credit power speed bomb shield HP and +HP are all blank fields. Just empty boxes for now.

That's only when I zoom to full screen. Maybe add a full screen option. Text is very small.

short but very sweet. Creative fun different way to do an idle and with cool visuals.

I like it. It's simple but has the right flow to it. I would like more allies and enemies.

I just looked at the screen for five seconds, thought "where is the wood button". Game over. Lol.

Lol. Sounds good.

It's still not working. Maybe give us 2 gold to start or make the first upgrade cost 0 so we can get things going.

my clicks do nothing, why?

looks like it could be the beginning of something really good, maybe better than idle slayer in the end. There are some inventory problems that caused my lvl 10 pick axe to not exist while slots were full of single items that looked like they should stack.

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rogue lite mode option please. so i can keep some of the gains for the next attempt

and if I get far enough I'd like to unlock the original agent sketch as a playable character. Lol.

like the game

I need tool tips to keep track of what resources are being used by each item

I love your creative spin here. Creating a broken prestige system that we might not notice at first but that then ends up being just a component of a non-broken prestige system. Pretty cool.

Enjoyed. Only wish is a next level.

I want my duck wearing the crown after I win and play again : ) and where did my 10000 prize go?

Put the cursor where you want to go, keep it in front of your character by a few inches. Keep clicking to keep him going straight towards the cursor. Stop clicking and he goes into semi-circle mode.  Each click is a steer to his left or right. So keep it in the middle and keep clicking.

Thought I was about to win. Fun game. Thanks for creating and sharing. Maybe this was part of how you wanted the game to be, but maybe consider "too low" being zero on a bar, as I assumed it was (doh). Or put some thin red line on the "too low" mark on the bar.

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Ability to select items like bed or bathroom goes away in fullscreen.

It's pretty fun. I think some ways to make it more fun would be to increase the repulsion factor in the kids and to add an upgrade for the manual click.

Incrementally getting further and further away from the ability to buy an upgrade. Not because I bought an upgrade like in any other incremental game.  But because fines exist no matter where you put the slider.  Incrementally moving towards 0 dollars and 0 ability to upgrade. Underclock enough to avoid safety fine, acquire underproductive fine. There is no sweet spot, just different ways to lose all funding.

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