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I can tell some things are still in work. The buildings produce on their own not taking from other resources the way manually doing it does unless that is intentional. The rescue mission doesn't go away or change and you can select it as many times as you want to shift your morality. Really nice aesthetic and music where I can see it being relaxing and enjoyable to play for a long time once it's more complete. 

Now I know to try again. And I find there is no save yet. Still worth it.

The recipe with the 3 fur blocks on top and bottom and 3 stone blocks in the middle does not produce anything. It's fun up to that point though. I take it this is still in development.

That was fun. Thanks for sharing. Cute animations and nice music.

It looks promising. For now when I get the first herb started collecting there is nothing else I can do. I can't stop collecting this one herb and I can't do anything else. Tried the minus button. Tried clicking the herb icon... I'll come back and check on this game again later.

Really fun game. Like the retro pixel graphics. Wish there was some reason to play beyond having all 3 characters and managers and everyone leveled up a decent amount. Quick but enjoyed.

Google likes to freeze tabs when not the active tab. Just some room for improvement there if you want it. Idle games that don't idle in the background are kind of ... not great. Great game overall though.

Was enjoying but tabbed out for a few minutes and came back all progress is lost

Steel coaster does not gain.

I've played worse idle games.

Would like downloadable versions with the updates because my browser kills my tabs often

You're really staying on top of the weekly updates. I'm impressed. And grateful. Thanks.  I suppose we'll be seeing this on Steam someday?

The gambling diner is cut off on the left of the screen you can barely see it. I wonder if there are other buildings completely off the map.

I'm enjoying this. Just thought maybe Smarter Clones upgrade could be nice. Up success chances a little.

Nice game. Thanks for making and sharing. I like the pixel graphics. Base and percentage upgrades are fun and especially the speed upgrade.

Everything needs fullscreen because of that

I like your plans. I'm excited to see this develop.

Chrome on pc

It happened again. You can see the screenshot? If it posted. I think it has something to do with what level I have the orbs at when demon comes up for purchase. Not sure though.

It happened twice but after another refresh it was fine.

I'm not sure there's a need for most or all of the keyboard shortcuts when left and right clicking would do. It does seem like a very well thought out game.

Really nice update. Art improved a lot. It was fun even before. I hope for tool tips to return and the (I think) bug reported below to be solved.  Glad we're past the 1300 cap.

When the demon upgrade pops up for the first time the orb upgrade disappears permanently. When the wizard upgrade pops up for the first time then demons disappear permanently as well.

Nice new button

I'm ok with resetting each patch. Not sure about others. Either way works for me.

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patch 0.4 notes look sweet. About to try it out.

Might be a good time to add a hard reset button.  Trying to tell what's new and what's mixed in from a prior save. Like Butter factory costing more at lvl 4 than the new thing at lvl 5 but putting out less than the Cheese trader.

It's not bad just barebones at the moment.

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The channel heat upgrade that costs 400 and is supposed to upgrade capacity of heat to 800 kJ doesn't work. It leaves max capacity at 400 but increases the cost for the next upgrade to 800.

Cool system. I like how many things there are to upgrade and with the stokers and stoker speed.

I can't bUy upgrades even with enough lightning bolts. Cat evolving is fun.

"Rack up as much cash as you desire, then transfer that money into your real-life bank account.*" Bernard Arnault made this game. Nice.

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Understandable. It's a cool game. I like how unexpected upgrades come up along the way. Makes me want to play through to the end to see everything.

I wish it saved progress because when I tab out for a couple of minutes and come back my laptop restarts the whole tab.