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Kate Killick

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Thanks! Let me know if you can ever get an A+ on Maestro mode, because I can't...

Thank you!

Aw thanks! I did a lot of brainstorming last year in different genres, usually just picking one genre at a time to dig into a bit and then throwing loads of random ideas onto a Miro board until I found something interesting. But to be honest the ideas I like the most usually just appear at random times, which is where the cogs game came from. A lot of the time it just starts with an idea for a technical challenge I want to try out, too. Doing tutorials for those, or looking around at game jams, or following lots of indie developers are good ways to stay inspired :)

Thanks for playing! Yes you're right...that was a bad decision on my part, because my mouse has the middle button mapped to a button on the side! I will definitely change that...

Thank you very much! Glad you had fun :)

Thank you :)

Really nice concept, very cute and wholesome - look forward to playing more!

I enjoyed it! I was a long way from surviving on my first play so will have to give it another go

Can I ask what browser you're using?

Thanks! I'm not familiar with Zachtronics but I will definitely have to check it out. To be honest I feel like I always struggle to find that spot between too simple and overwhelmingly complex with puzzle mechanics, but I do like the idea of unlocking the pieces as you go. 

Haha, I will have to come back to this game mechanic, if only so I can use the name!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and thanks for letting me know! I think I've fixed some of the issues with scaling now - I am not sure how to get the correct settings to make it fully responsive so hopefully it works for you!

Thank you for playing! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Thanks for playing! Ah yes you made me realise that I scaled down the game size but I didn't scale down the size of the playable area. Will try to make an update to fix!

Sorry to hear that! The boxes that pop onto the screen (not the ones in the UI) should open - maybe there's something in the way. What resolution is your screen?

Oh sorry about the screen size issue! What resolution is your screen? I will look into it today. Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

Thank you! 

Very engaging interactive experience and relatable theme - I wasn't sure if I got to the end but the part I did play was interesting! (The only issue I had was that it doesn't run very well on my computer)

Great job making something so polished in such a short time - I definitely think it has the potential for you to build up the mechanic in interesting ways if you were to add more levels.

Love the art and animation. I think the font is hard to read, and I found the character controller quite slidey, but overall very cute little game ! 

Thank you for playing and for the feedback :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to play!