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The Dark Cat goes around collecting coins. This is an old-skool platformer -- jump from platform to platform and collect all the tokens until you've got enough to win. There aren't any enemies; your nemesis is missing a jump and falling all the way back down to the ground and then having to climb up again. This is really well implemented, though; the main character is almost featureless but still clear and nicely but simply animated, and the sound design is good. I can completely imagine this being an actual released game in the mid 80s. I think it could be a little bit clearer that a locked door actually is a locked door, though; I found the door to Upper St, and couldn't get through it, and then later on I somehow had a key and then it opened. I don't know where I got that key from -- presumably I picked it up somewhere? So that was a little confusing. There are also a couple of places where it's slightly hard to tell whether a platform is a platform or is part of the background. But these are very small complaints! Nice work.

I will work on a better BG map and some improvements after the vote period ends! Thx a lot for your comment/review :D