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So my laptop died at the exact moment Rupert approaches you in the hall and it SPOOKED THE HELL OUT OF ME! And then I turned my computer back on and the game was UNINSTALLED FROM THE ITCH CLIENT idk if that's part of the game or if that was just a REALLY WEIRD COINCIDENCE but oh my god it was spooky af

Lmao... it could be a part of the game. However, if the issue is blocking you from playing, tell me so I can look into it. If the game was uninstalled on its own, it could be the anti-virus going nuts ^^


I think it was just a glitch! I reinstalled it with the itch client and all of my saves were still there. Working my way through a second playthrough now after getting ending 10 I believe. Very nice game, it's fantastic so far.

Great! Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the game. It's still not over, mind you.

I don't want to post spoilers in the comment section, but I have been trying to do something for an hour and I am utterly stuck. Is there a way I can email you or contact you on twitter so I don't spoil others?

Of course! Send here ^^

Hmm.. Thanks to you. I think I found a little bug in the game. I will update in a sec.