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Thanks Webow.

You are right, the underlining system for orcs to calculate the best move is there, where it's suppose to add points to potential grid places to target king first, then vikings, etc.

In it's current form AI is pretty much just random moves, while it would be quite quick to implement these rules, unfortunately I got stuck with trying to publish it out of Game Maker in HTML version, so figured it was more important to get it working in browser over all the polish, purely from play-ability point of view.

Thanks again for your kind words, few of my mates have said I should keep working on it, and positive feedback like this definitely makes me want to keep going on this game :)


Ah, I see, I did assume as much. Personally, I think you should definitely keep working on this game post-jam and I look forward to any updates.  

If what I have in mind will fix AI and make it more challenging, it's likely I might try polish it up a bit :)