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A complete game, and nicely done. I always know a thing is good when my complaints are about things within the game and not the implementation of it. In particular... man, I hate those solid walls with one gap in them. I run into those all the time. Top score of 335, though, which I'm pretty much OK with after playing a bunch of times. The music's good (and fits the tone of the game nicely), and the enemies are varied; this would be a launch title if someone put out a 64px gameboy :) One microscopic complaint: the "death" screen which shows your score has the top score value touching the bottom of the screen, and the "score" and "top score" text in a tiny 3x3 font. This makes that screen look less cool than it should; I think that that having the scores one pixel up, and using a slightly larger font, wouldn't significantly hide the cool background image and would make that screen look so much nicer. That's honestly the biggest complaint I can come up with, which is a good sign :-)


Thanks for playing and commenting! The death screen was definitely a compromise. A drawback of being both the artist and programmer. But I agree there is a more elegent solutuin  to make that screen flow better. Probably should make a new bg image to work around a larger font. But in the timed confines of the contest I rolled with the large bg art and small scrunched text. Pro tip for the demon doors: even if the opening is on the opposite surface you are on, you are only two taps away from getting to it. ;) Thanks again!