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Followed your progress on twitter, but controls don't seem to work for me in browser? I can't move the boat with the arrow keys? (Haven't rated yet until I can play)

That's interesting... tried clicking a few times in the game window in case it's a focus issue?

Beyond that, which browser? I exclusively tested in Chrome, though I've just checked IE11 and it worked fine after clicking the game window a couple of times.
Failing that, which O/S? It was made in GameMaker Studio 2 so I could export a native Windows or Linux build easily enough. Mac would be a bit more painful, but doable too.

Yes, it was a focus issue. All fine now and am enjoying the game. I really like the fact there are different mini-games within the game. Would be nice to add a name to the pirate or some kind of story at the start to set the scene of who I am, maybe? But that's time-consuming and just extra flavour I suppose. Well done, I'll continue to enjoy coming back to this game to play and any updates should you work on it post-jam. Well done.


Fantastic :) Was hoping it was just something simple like focus! Hadn't tested it much until after submitting it - which is slightly backwards, I know - so was worried it was some really obscure bug!

I am hoping to try and get back to this and add in some of the bits I missed out, but we'll see. Finding time can be a tricky thing to do.

Thanks for playing!