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hello Ebi-Hime :)

great visual novel  i love it , everything is so cute ,so much details about bakery and other foods it's like watching a food anime , the food itself is also beautiful , i love strawberries too !

i liked to see  a Sadako character in the story too

Licia appearance makes me think a little about Claudia from Interview with a vampire 

i also liked all the extras art and explanations of the background of the visual novel

i got the ending "strawberry kisses" and the "sherbet nightmare"

i don't understand why so less people leaves comments on games and visual novels on itchio ,like it's too much efforts to do so?

i don't want to believe i am the only one that played this visual novel

thank you so much for this great visual novel too ,i really enjoyed it :)


Hi Anwynn,

Thank you so much ;a; It's always a pleasure to read your comments, especially since you put so much thought into them!
I'm glad you enjoyed Strawberry Vinegar! I had a lot of fun writing it myself! I agree, all the food looks really good; the artist did a great job! >w<

I presume most people buy my VNs on Steam, so will leave their reviews there. Itch isn't as widely used, which would explain why there are fewer comments!

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hi Ebi-hime

i try my best to put my thoughts into words it's not always easy but it seems successful enough if you notice it :)

it shows you had fun writing it :) ,  i have to play again to find other endings, thought i guess "Strawberry kisses" ending is the best 

i didn't think about Steam at all ,i have an account on Steam but i can't buy anything there so i'm not looking that website.

 if they leave comments there then it's fine :)

i'm fine with just itchio  ,there is so much great visual novels and games :) too much temptation too 

i'm glad that black friday sales made me discover your visual novels ,  the mermaid of zennor has a special place in my heart 

 my dear prince & strawberry vinegar are great i enjoy them a lot