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having issues launching the vn, running a windows surface pro Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60GHz   2.71 GHz, installed through app. Hit launch, I can see it briefly launch for a split second then do nothing.  does not fully launch or run

running windows 10

We tested and we are confirming the issue: the game is not launching through the itch app. The temporary fix is to launch outside of the app. Looking into the fix asap and will keep you posted.

The issue has been fixed and the game should now launch through the app on PC. Working on fixing for mac.

Confirming - the Mac version is also launching and running well through the app! :)

that was quick, thank you very much.

you're welcome! hope you enjoy the game :)

I really am so far. love the writing and the artwork is really something to be proud of. absolutely love it

That's really great to hear! So glad you like it! <3