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Seems to be quite buggy if you launch from your most recent save

Did not have any trouble on my end. Running windows defender and malware bytes

ended up uninstalling the game, reinstalling it and reinstalling the patch fir it to work.  Not sure what was goofing up, but in the end, got it to work.

just tried to patch the puzzle game, does jot seem to work

the story i have seen so far in the demo is great. love their interaction, the character development, and they feel like the characters i know.

my only problem is, Rune. He is described as toned, and that is how he was on Dawn Chorus, and we all got used to him looking like that, got emotionally invested in him as a character, same with Devon. but now he is buff. Kind of went from an Otter to a full fledged Wolf.  Even the face has changed quite a bit. it looks like his older brother, not necessarily Rune.

now If I read this first, i would love the characters as they are, but we ( or at least I did) got used to how he looked in Dawn Chorus.  I am not badgering the artist, the work is beautiful, but now what we had come ot be invested into already.

Yeah, probably could get used to it, but this is just feed back after reading what others have said, and actually reading the demo myself.  hmm, maybe the new body with the old face that we all got used to might be better. i do not know, just tossing out an idea.

either way, you are a great vn creator and have a wonderful team with you and i do love your stories I have read so far.  just my thoughts on this mate

thank you very much.

the opening scene says Devon is wearing a white sweater under the jacket. But looks more like a dark tank top. 

How do you get the unlock kink password 

how to get that scene. Have never found  it

Judging by the comments, will have to wait for a demo before i consider purchasing.  Really loved how Rune looked, will have to see what he looks like now

will the dlc bring soul babies finally?

So, is the dlc a text base story, or will it be more like Wrong Number?

How do you get the dlc files? Did not see them in folders

Loving the story so far. Good character development , and story flows well. 

Only request at this point, possibly a button to hide ui.  Would be able to see certain scenes better

no worries. thank you for letting me know.  

Soooo good. Loved it. Also, wasn't there a gallery before?  i could be wrong. 

10,000% agree

Playing on a newer lenovo windows tablet, having no issues at all.  ooc, what are you using to read the vn?

will try to find it tomorrow.  Which tab should i look through

that would be amazing mate. Thank you

Hey MadJubal, any chance of a guide.  have never made it to a date with blake yet.  was hoping there might be an official guide.

Underwear mini game?  Wait, when was that?  That is not the part where blake is trying to get into the costume is it

Wow, last update messed up 12 pages if saves. All are showing the exact same date and time. So do not know which save was from which run through or possibly which route. Thx

Have not found a save file that works

your update fixed the text issues. So much better, thank you

actually seems most scenes are difficult to read. No background to the text to make it stand out

not really a bug per se, but on day four, the text it difficult to read while in the classroom.  almost blends into the background 

When i try and download 0.28, it downloads 0.27 still.  Is 0.28 out yet?

do not tell people how to enjoy thier vn's mate. you do you. and let others enjoy the vn as they wish.

is there a walkthrough for the vn?

Why not sell the walkthrough?

it is a windows tablet, to be precise a Yoga 7 ( 14", Gen 7) AMD 6800u processor. but touchscreen capability would be really good

so sorry to hear that, was looking forward to this vn. but your health and the health and lives of those around you are far more important  wish you al lthe best

I think I have the patch still, but how do you install it, or where do you copy it to. Not playing through steam.  

Does the game work with touchscreen tablets?  So far seems to be having iasues

Thoroughly agree with everything you said. 

I am also hoping for a potential branch where you can stay platonic friends with the panda, and date Kane. 

Arkyn update looks really good. What a glow up

totally judging a book by it cover, but is this one more female based? as it seems always and forever is mre male and male based?

well, they are all adorable, but Geirolf is my favorite

I will give you a hint, it i snot Bjorn, and not Arkyn :P

( and just happens to be the most darling one of the lot)