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i figured that is what happened. all good mate!

great game, but one thing I noticed is Russell's tattoo keeps changing arms. one time it is his left arm, then a scene later it is his right arm.

thankls for the feedback, looking forward to the game. ( also, love Bullstorms work) 

bloody amazing VN. hooked and impatiently waiting for more.

sounds like an interesting vn, but steam only.  will have to pass.  wish you all the best though, seems like a really good vn

curious, do you have an estimation as to when this will be finished? really loving the story so far

<3  looking forward to it mate.

o tried, but would not progress past the page asking for details. :(

thank you for the feedback, Really am looking forward to the full release of this vn.  it is really unique and stunning from what i have seen.  

would have purchased the vn using paypal, but not at all interested in giving my personal information and address.  

that is a windows tablet, not android tablet.

seems to really make my galaxy book 2 run very hot.  i am guessing this nees to be played on something wiht a graphics card.

need ability to make text bigger. playing on a windows tablet,the text is really small.

any plans on a update? looking forward to this, but waiting for update and or full release

enjoying the English version of the game. I would recommend proof reading it a bit more.  other then that, i really have enjoyed the story and I am waiting for the next installment.

DI Cavandish did have 4 arms in the cafe.

Looks good mate

ty for the heads up Seph, appreciated mate

(1 edit)

story is not bad, but in desperate need of grammatical editing.  interesting premise and story, looking forwards to the next chapters.  just have someone proof read and edit everything, it would be a great help.

Omg when will the story continue for Kei-kun

Bloody hell, great story.  did not want it to end

how to unlock observation deck - alioth?  only background I am missing