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Nice Game! Had some difficulty at first with all the battles after (and including) Guy the Great, but got used to them. Most of the time I still ended up moving in a square formation to constantly revive the one person that got hit, not sure if it's the intended way but it is the only way that worked for me.

One complaint I have is the size of the UI and UI font. I would find the game more enjoyable if I didn't have to strain my eyes so much. Perhaps an option for the UI size (1, 1.5, 2)?  just make sure to keep the scale ;)

example of formation mentioned above

Thank you!
Yeah, the square formation tact was noticed in design and playtesting but ended up being more prominent that I hoped. The downed system is going to be changed in the future.
The UI definitely could use an overall. One of our plans in the final release

Thank you for taking a look at our game and giving feedback! We really appreciate it