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Nicely implemented. It's not difficult, per se -- the only threat is overshooting -- but the movement is very smoothly done and fast, and feels very tactile. The sound design plays into this well with the soft clicking as your lock spins. The music is perhaps a little overpowering. This would make a nice little minigame somewhere in a larger game, or as the method to open doors in such a game, or similar. Nice work!

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Yeah, initially I wanted the dial to overshoot more, so you'd have to carefully turn, but while controlling speed. I kinda spent the most time doing the dial and sounds until it felt nice to me (I spent quite some time testing screwdrivers, bicycle pedals and whatever to get the sound).

The music was done a bit fast, so I did the first thing that came to mind. :P

That's a great idea to put it as a mini-game inside a bigger game too! :O I'm thinking of a full version of this concept also, but with more challenges and obstacles, besides the "wall's shadow" coming from behind.

Thanks for playing and reviewing! :D


Fully agree with the minigame idea! I was just about to state that in my own comment. Great minds and such...

Nice nice! :D I might stop working on the full version of this and keep the idea for further use this way hahaha :P