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Great game! It's atmospheric and sticks to the theme of memory well. It took me some time to comprehend the game but I mostly get it now. 

It wasn't clear at first. I thought we were playing as Lou, then I thought we played as a friend of Lou, until the perfume scene when I realized we're playing as Lou's partner. I didn't know what the smiley and sad faces meant but I got it figured out. It's actually fun trying to understand these things. More clarity would be great though.

For a game that requires multiple playthroughs to understand, you should've put a restart button in there. But it's fine though. I really like the game! You got a new follower.

I'm trying to make similar games to this too. I hope to learn from you a bit.

Thank you for the follow! Yeah, I do get your confusion, in fact I was worried it was a little too cryptic, hopefully it is still understandable.

It is very hard for me to put a restart button there as the code itself is a huge mess and that would probably take more time than it is worth... That's what happens when you rush a game, unfortunately. I do get your point so I'm sorry about that.