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Other thing:

What do you think about the following idea:

At the moment, if you reach a set size, you can no longer encounter the psychocromatic dragon, but how about if you are an even bigger size and your Lust is at 100/100 you can attack the little ones you encounter and let them choose to either Bring you to the psychocromatic dragon or to rape fuck them instaid, with the additional problem that you are far to huge and they are much to tight!

Is that a good or a bad idea? Please answer.

Yeah, I can make a scene like that at some point, but if I do, it'll probably be reserved for when the Alpha's dominant route gets implemented. Make it a big bulk release, you see. Considering that the dominant alpha route isn't planned to restrict players by size, it's highly likely that the little guys will change their stance on large players. For now though, only players with a size of 60 or lower are allowed in.

At the moment, I'm taking a break from working on the boys. There's a few other projects that are taking priority.

Well, you see, my bodysize is 100 and my cock is more than 10000 in long! With that I better don't fuck with the alpha, for his own sake!😈