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Lest you harbor inaccuracies, misinterpretations, and high expectations, these are things we want to implement later down the line, but won't necessarily be included in the next update.

Furthermore, I believe in terms of written content, the updates won't be grandiose either, unless I push out a major project like a dungeon. I am, after all, the sole writer on this two-person project. With a full-time job keeping me otherwise occupied, I simply don't have the time or energy to really sit down and churn out the larger updates from when we first launched.

Development has started back up. We do not have an ETA on an update as of yet.

There's an event flag associated with it. At present, I don't believe I've implemented anything associated with it, outside of giving your dragon a severe case of "nope" when faced with the prospect of going into that cave again.

Hiatus. We're going through some stuff that requires us to step away from the game for a while.

Mods are publicly available in the game's discord server.

There's two NPCs with associated bad ends: Frost, and the Prismatic Alpha.

Frost's can be triggered by repeatedly running away from him during battle.

The Prismatic Alpha's ends vary depending on your actions. You can accept his proposal, you can reject it and lose the ensuing lust check, reject it and lose the battle, or run away from his fight. Running from him will set an event flag that will trigger at a 10% chance on most rest scenes, sending you directly to a bad end. This event flag can be removed by defeating in combat.

Not dead, just a hiatus. Writing's on hold while I deal with a lot of personal stuff and several bouts of sequential misfortune.

System Menu -> File -> Save

It's for potentially fourth-wall-breaking encounters. Not exactly the best for immersion.

If you run from the alpha, the only way to get him to stop hunting you down is to actually beat him in a fight.

The player can already encounter what troubles him in the desert if they're lucky enough. It's a 10% chance when it rolls.

Witnessing the event will provide the player with a new interaction with Dusty's lewd rest scene.

Good luck!

I haven't written anything else with him yet, no.

For now, the little guy is doomed to be perpetually lost.

Add-ons for the game can be downloaded from the Discord server, in the Dragon Repo channel. As of this writing, there is only one add-on that has been uploaded.

So, the first thing I gotta ask is this:
Are you playing a female/herm character? Cuz if you are, then you're missing out on 99% of the game. All of it is super gay. There is literally no content tailored for ladies.

The backgrounds only change between forest and plains (since those are the only two images currently in the game) but I can assure you that travel between all the zones is indeed possible.

There are plenty of encounters that are shared in multiple zones, however. The eastern dragons are one such example.

The knight can only be encountered in the mountains. Taking a certain approach to his encounter relocates him elsewhere.

I'd say you're missing out on a lot. Think of it this way: Initiating combat doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be a mean dragon. It more or less establishes who gets to call the shots afterwards.

Take one of the Eastern Dragons, for example. They view combat as an art form, and eagerly invite you to join them, because they think it's fun. Combat for dragons is often seen as less as a sign of aggression (territorial disputes notwithstanding) and more of a contest.

Yeah, I can make a scene like that at some point, but if I do, it'll probably be reserved for when the Alpha's dominant route gets implemented. Make it a big bulk release, you see. Considering that the dominant alpha route isn't planned to restrict players by size, it's highly likely that the little guys will change their stance on large players. For now though, only players with a size of 60 or lower are allowed in.

At the moment, I'm taking a break from working on the boys. There's a few other projects that are taking priority.

You may be running an outdated version of the game. The fact that the MPreg tag doesn't exist in your blacklist serves as proof of that; that tag was only added in with the release of the Alpha.

Just the two encounters. The exploration in the forest, and the lunch time.

Then by all means, feel free to hop in.

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So long as you're over 18, absolutely.

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The server link is in multiple places. You can find one in the description here on the game's page, or click the icon on the title screen.

At present, I have no plans on players dominating Frost. His brother, on the other hand...

Mikhar is not within my jurisdiction; that will be up to the author to decide. As I understand, there is something planned in regards to him, though. What that ultimately turns out to be is a mystery.

I had intended Tarragon to be more of a switch, and the guy absolutely loves to get touchy-feely with dragons. He'll probably be in the loving, intimate side.

Other projects are in the works that'll allow players to be more dominant. I do have one in store, at least.

Is, not quite. Not yet. But there will be.

And if you want big musky dergs, you'll get big musky dergs.

I'm hoping to have a little bit of everything available to players by the time the system rolls out.

The desire to form a harem is one of the many things that kickstarted the game's development, so believe me when I say that it's planned.

That being said, it's currently far, far down in the backlog. At present, I don't think I've written nearly enough content to justify forming one as of yet.

More? I'll level with you, I don't remember any scenes I've written that include courting and/or mateship. I was planning on officially having some proper courting happen later on in development.

I may have something somewhat similar coming out in the next few months, though. Fingers crossed!

Good news! I already have something similar planned out for that particular scenario.

There will be more of it in the future, yes.

I'll let this speak on my behalf.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

We've received reports of stat drops happening more often than we would have liked. Since it's a relatively new system, there's probably a few things that need to be balanced.

As for tentacles, I may end up putting them in at a later date.

Even the big boys need some love now and then. I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

He already does, though. All you need to do is lose or run away from him in combat.

You're not the first to ask about the beency bouncy noodles and a lewd scene with the elder.

I think I can work a small expansion in at some point.

Although Mikhar isn't mine, I'll happily relay your request to his writer.

As for the sneaky teasing black dragon, I'm not going to leave him out of the fun. I'll give the guy a proper introduction later down the line.

Writing a small expansion for the floofs is indeed within the realm of possibility, but whether or not it will happen remains to be seen.

There are a number of things that I want to take care of before I go back to older scenes. I'll keep your request in mind.

The alpha will be added when I finish writing him. He's not going to be done for a while, though; other projects have taken precedence over him.

I can safely say that I don't expect him to be done by the next release.

They still exist in their respective environments, but players now have a less-than 1% chance of finding them.

To be fair, they are the kind of dragon who would love nothing more than to cuddle the player after an intensive "bonding exercise."

Who knows... Maybe I will extend their scene a little.

The alpha of the colorful dragons is not accepting visitors at this time.

He hasn't been written yet.