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Vortex the Dragon

A member registered Aug 23, 2021

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Any chance we will get a gamemode for "player controls Piper" at some point?

I assume this was taken down...?

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not again! they fixed the bug some versions ago, now it's back or what?!

hoping that too, want a dragon with two cocks

Sombreve, can you please update the DoC-wiki?
it's still on version 0.5.0!

you need the highest rank of Patreon support

will there be some special dialogs in future updates, if you reach max size?

Please update the tag list with >Dragon<

I love this game because I AM THE DRAGON and I think there are more games like this out there, but without the tag, I can't find them.

Well, you see, my bodysize is 100 and my cock is more than 10000 in long! With that I better don't fuck with the alpha, for his own sake!😈

I think I know why the save-files broke:

Because of the Update where you changed/added the sizes of the dragon and his body-parts, so that the new version asked for saves that weren't implimented before!

Other thing:

What do you think about the following idea:

At the moment, if you reach a set size, you can no longer encounter the psychocromatic dragon, but how about if you are an even bigger size and your Lust is at 100/100 you can attack the little ones you encounter and let them choose to either Bring you to the psychocromatic dragon or to rape fuck them instaid, with the additional problem that you are far to huge and they are much to tight!

Is that a good or a bad idea? Please answer.

How about:

>Dragon's Fire<

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Please say that I can use my v.0.21 savefile in v.0.23??!!

'cause I don't want to lose my lv 11 dragon!

I think Nyx is more of a hybrid between (mindless) god and a source of energy / the corruption.

(Don't know, maybe like one of the infinity stones, they are all energy sources and have something like a very rudimentary consciousness.)

I would hope more, that you can stuff the slime into your cock

I could give you some ideas for herm content, but I'm to bad to write it properly (Aaand I'm German)!

Is that mentioned somewhere?

If not, he also could be a wolf.

Download version?

I work on something for the game, only a "little" feature, but I want your opinion to it.


Can you set a link for the DoC-Wiki on the main site of Dawn of Corruption?

why not just let us grow because of the worship?!

I did it, then hugged him and nothing happened!?!

Is it already implemented, if yes, please spoiler me how.

Sombreve, this shouldn't be implemented yet:

Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: setup.HasLimb is not a function

<<if setup.HasLimb($, "cocks")>> Your dick joins in as well, shooting several ropes of cum far into the sky. \<</if>>
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good for me, that I got 18 two months ago.

Ask me, if you need new ideas for the game, I have some; and sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm German.

I like furry stuff for quite a while now, and now that I'm an adult, I want to start with some accounts, but before that, I want to make some friends, because I have my full charakter design and many, many ideas, but maybe the biggest problems of all ...

I can't draw :-(

Why did you delete Tok?

What do you think about the 15 limit of "Nyx Parasite Host", it prevents unlimited cock and balls growth?

What do you think:

Should you be able to corrupt Abel?

Don't know if it is right, but to corrupt monsters yourself, I think you need the abillity "Tainted by the Lost", that you get when you drink the seed of the corrupted minotaur, that attacks the golden bastion at the beginning of the game.

Why not be able to corrupt HIM?

You know that you can boost your arousal gain by 100% for one turn?

Just go to your home to equip the battle-card!

Sombreve read my other post, he said, he tries to fix it.

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Oh, and I downloaded the save-file, I can give it to you, so you can try it yourself, if you need to.

(save-file of the negative stats)

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How can I recruit the Losts on the Eastern Barrens? Do I need the skill "Tainted by the Lost", that I can get at the beginning of the game? Because I had a 0.4.9 save-file on my smartphone for a half week and than it was gone, although I don't deleted it. Could it be, that it was the newest released version when I made the file and then became the 0.4.9 version, so it "self-destructed"?

Stats become negative!

Any ideas, Sombreve and others?

I can't play anymore, after the first round, this happens!


WTF, I can't fight anymore, during the fights my stamina becomes NEGATIVE 1 MILLION!!!

Didn't work on my one neighter, but I played it in my Firefox browser and it saved my gameplay even if I switched my phone off.

(Now I have lost one file, but don't know how, the other one is still there)

oh, and what is your body height, because in the lategame, there is a nice thing with the slimes xD

I have a really weird save-file-error:

I saved my progress and than closed the browser (not for the first time). Some hours later, I wanted to load it and it was gone, but the other save-file is still there.

Maybe because Sombreve or somebody else wanted to know, what people think about new content, because I could recruit the Losts, although in my other save-files it is said: "((To be implemented at a later stage!))".