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The developer is great. I told him I wanted to put this in an arcade cabinet and within a couple hours he implemented a fix for 4-player controls mapped to a single keyboard (basically, to allow IPAC-based controls). I can't wait to play it on a CRT.

PS I find the gore humorous, but a no-blood option would be nice for those of us with younger kiddos.

Ok so many of you have asked for this I'm going to have to do it!  Follow one of my social networks or subscribe to my site for an announcement of when I update the game to have the "nogore" option in the setting file - they will burst into confetti!

Nice... reminds me of Samurai Gunn, where you can toggle from blood to bursts of lotus blossoms or something.

Ok the "nogore" option is available! Check out the 1README.TXT for everything you need to know.  You'll have to change your keyboard setting too, because I changed the way it's written.