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Very nice!

Nice... reminds me of Samurai Gunn, where you can toggle from blood to bursts of lotus blossoms or something.

The developer is great. I told him I wanted to put this in an arcade cabinet and within a couple hours he implemented a fix for 4-player controls mapped to a single keyboard (basically, to allow IPAC-based controls). I can't wait to play it on a CRT.

PS I find the gore humorous, but a no-blood option would be nice for those of us with younger kiddos.

I think I can do 448x240, so I can just center the game in that space. Then I may need to make analog CRT adjustments to fine tune.

400x256 is available too, but shaving 13px off each side might be too much

Thanks! Later in that post they say they stuck with 320x240, which would be perfect. Eager to see how this will look on a CRT. Had my eye on this game for just that reason.

What is the game's native resolution? I'm guessing 640x480 from some of the artwork.

Trying to assess feasibility of putting this in a CRT cab.