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Can I please have a hint of the frozen embryo part T^T

P/s : I love the style(Gameplay and art) of this game! It's super refreshing! I really wanna know the backstory of the necklaces.. Somehow, this game make me sad looking at the stuff left behind.. The puzzle(s) are hard too! Thank you for making this! 

Sure thing! Do you mean that door before it or something else? You have to shoot the sphere along the lower floor while basically racing it on the upper floor; that way you can open the door before the sphere reaches it and stops, then teleport after the sphere passes the door.

Thank you, we're really happy to hear that! As for the necklaces - it's up to the players to decide all the backstories. We intentionally weren't telling the story directly, that way you were basically in the same position as Dunwo himself - you could only guess the plot by analyzing found items and making assumptions about the whole picture they form. I could only say that the letters on the necklaces weren't random, but even their meaning is more of a symbol first and foremost.

And again, thank you for playing our game!



I see.. To guess the backstory, like Dunwo, that is both beautiful and interesting!

Yes. Now I can finally sleep in peace. Haha!