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Beautiful game! The art is my fave part! So pleasing to the eye :) Thank you for making this!

Here's a full fast walkthrough if anyone got stuck.

I feel pity for the family.. I wish the boy got a happy ending.

R.I.P :(

Here's a walkthrough to free the ghost kitty !!

Here's the walkthrough for all level and also how to get the secret end / level.

I was so surprised I didn't get any horror bits for my first playthrough, turns out that was the default lol. A bit confused by the secret/bad end. I love how you make a secret and bonus feature for the game. Love how the puzzle are not too easy and not to hard. Just right. The pixel art is so dang pretty. Thank you so much for making this.

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Here's the walkthrough, creepy letter and golden envelope :))

2 idiots? More like damn geniuses!

I love how stable the concept is. Most of the horror game focus on just the 'there's ghost. the end' concept. But your game took on the scientific explanation of ghosts BUT there's also what happened when it REALLY paranormal activity. 100/10. The creepiness is so on point. The dialogue make my hair stand. The butt. Beautiful game.

Here's how to get 5 Star Dish :)

The game so cute I cried.

I made a Walkthrough and there's the email and bonus end scene too :) (for those who didn't found it yet)

I have high expectations for this game. Love the mystery, the horror part and the whole game looks so good.

Thank you for making this game. :D

The game got creepy quiet fast now. 

I got goosebump when I saw that. Dang.

Scroll down the comment sections and found some friends that can't play this game, got stuck in-game and etc.

So I made a guide on how to Install and how to beat every mini games (walkthrough) WITHOUT SPOILERS. Don't wanna ruin the game for friends that didn't play yet.

Hope this helps. :3

I am seriously in love with the concept. The VA is dang on point. Good Job meowmee :3 

Take down the enemy :)

Here's how to get a "GOOD" ending :3

Sorry Almond. :)


Made a fast walkthrougn for people who got stuck ^^

Nice! ;)

Thank you again for making this game (=^・ω・^=)

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Heyyo! I made a walkthrough for people who got stucked! ^^

Good job Argonauts!! I LOVE the storyline!

She IS crazy isn't she?

Very Fast Walkthrough to NOT SACRIFICE anyone! :3 [ With time stamp ]

Hope this helps! 

Super fast walkthrough for people who got stuck :3

Good job!! The ghost is super cute ^^


- Oh and they stole my painting.

I keep killing him man! He must be dissapointed in me!

BELIEVE IT! NO ONE LEFT BEHIND! Sasuke would be very proud :)

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Thank you for making this heartwarming game :3

I spend an hour some time trying to figure out what to do at the sink.

I ... I am overwhelmed.. with the updates..

Thank you Nordic Journey Maker.. You guys rock.. I wuv- I mean love you..

The experience of being alone and trapped in the ER..

Do fill out the survey after you done shitting your pants.

I'm really looking forward to what next.


I see.. To guess the backstory, like Dunwo, that is both beautiful and interesting!

Yes. Now I can finally sleep in peace. Haha!

Can I please have a hint of the frozen embryo part T^T

P/s : I love the style(Gameplay and art) of this game! It's super refreshing! I really wanna know the backstory of the necklaces.. Somehow, this game make me sad looking at the stuff left behind.. The puzzle(s) are hard too! Thank you for making this! 

My maximum speed is 186 and now I'm having a mix feeling between proud for my high score and guilt for the.. nah I don't wanna spoil the game now. ;)

DongLiChang is the reason why I hate the letter K now..

The stop-motion clay art, the maze, the riddles? You've combined them all in an amazing way! I enjoyed the game so much! Took me a few hours to find the treasure but I finally did it! 

The interrogations definitely helped me and the avocado definitely scared me. Haha!

"I'm easily scared -.-''

Thank you so much! 

Yes I don't need the permission to PLAY game but I wanna make gameplay videos and MONETIZE (MONEY INVOLVED) the video. So yup since it's copyrighted and I want to respect the team hardwork in making the game, I need to ask for permission first before uploading any video. I tried to find the video policy and can't find one so if you found one do share with me. Thanks Amar. 

Hello Team Salvato!

I'm Nur Shahidah and I'm a Youtuber from Malaysia.

Just wanna ask for your permission to make Let' s Play video of the game Doki Doki Literature Club and monetize it.

Monetize = Allowing Youtube to put ads thus generate some income

Thank you and have a great day ahead!


Nur Shahidah

Hello there,

I'm Nur Shahidah and I'm a Youtuber from Malaysia.

Just wanna ask for your permission to made a let's play video of this game (I'll Take You To Tomato Town) and monetize (Allowing Youtube to put ads thus generate some income) the video.

Is it okay? 

Thank you for reading this and have a great day ahead!


Nur Shahidah

Hey Miles. It's me again! Shahidah (The Malaysian Youtuber).

Super super great job on the game! I had so much fun playing it! The art is superb!

Here's the part 1 of my gameplay Hehe! Took me over 2 hours but it worth it since I found all 12 Totems, the knight-slayer and the signmaker! 

Thanks again!



Thank you so much! <3

Thank you so much!! <3

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you so much!! <3

Hey there!

My name is Shahidah and I'm a Youtuber from Malaysia.

Just came across this game and judging by the comments and all, it's super awesome!

Is it okay for me to record the gameplay and monetize the video on Youtube?

Thanks and have a great day!



Hi there! 

My name is Shahidah and I'm just a Youtuber from Malaysia.

Just run into your game and it's beautiful!! 

Would you mind if I record the gameplay and monetize the video on Youtube? 

Thanks and have a great day ahead!