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The what?  I don't understand.

The link to the lexicon.

I have just finished reading this morning and wow thanks a lot for your text. 

Thanks for learning me a lot about USA history! (Btw I would love to read an Adam and Steve story)

Thanks for your excellent summary about queer is "self love + the right to love for human beings" and christianity "love for God" + empathy in both communities. That's a great sum up helping understand your text. 

Your explanation using the "transganderism" word is also truly clear. It helps a lot to understand what is (was?) the situation in USA and I can see similarities with my country even if Christianity is becoming less and less important through time here, people continue to have this way of thinking and considering queer people. I hope it will become easier to live as a Christian queer person in your country, maybe it's already becoming more welcoming.

Take care and thanks again


I'm glad you found it valuble.  Thanks for reading! <3