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Really fun game, but one my first run i played for a while and didnt find a single use for magic nails. Am i supposed to get much further to unlock another turret? The turret/building mechanics are far more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting ones.. is there any chance i can see the source for this, as i took a browse of your jam version and i think i could learn a bit, as well as help you to improve your projects.

Yeah, you need to unlock the new turrets. I uploaded the source code in the game page, you can check it out. You'll probably find some bad coding, but this is over 1 year old and I learnt a lot since then. What do you mean the turret mechanics are more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting? I think you mean that the game has too much emphasis on the turrets but there arent any shooting powerups. That's true but it was intended. If you could powerup yourself, making a nice turret combination wouldnt feel as powerful. 

It is under the Tower defense tag, that includes priorotisation on towers