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Actually there are 3 hardcoded maps that are simply loaded from text files:

There is no way to plug other maps right now but it wouldn't be too much work.

And I guess there are open source maps editors to which I could plug too, it's just hasn't been high on my priority list :-(

I would recommend it because it can really open up more stuff to implement. for example there could be a share function and a map viewer plus player and even item creator and monster creator! it can open up games like these cuz there are alot of elements in games like these like monsters chests the rooms that has special things that happen and even more! they could even have floors! you could make something like a trelly (yeah i said trelly) to show people when stuff is  planned and what is currently is being worked on and more! ...i think thats enough of over genius ideas that i have no idea if it is genius ideas for one day....i made a fool of myself

I agree it would open up many possibilities! Because of how the game is coded, it wouldn't be possible to add monsters or items, it would only be possible to modify the existing ones; but that would be nice already. It'd also require extra work to be able to load those maps from the game (such as a menu to load a list of maps, to do kind of a campaign), but nothing difficult.

ok i hope to see this game grow! this game is beautiful never give up

Glad to hear it, thanks for the support :-)


your welcome!