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a 50 year old, on itch, wow

tbh i really like this idea, i cant wait for a lot of things

1. english (english speaker here, its ok if you have trouble with english dude, i really like the look of this game as is)

2. new game styles, so far we only have the original, cant wait to see what the other game styles will have

3. some sort of sharing mechanisim...?

and much much more!

keep on keeping on!

i got so overwhelmed i got the virgin ending

Try it! see what you can do and maybe if you get enough support expand it!

It feels like you are actually wandering around in a facility wandering taking out guards not like they are random or anything and the random paths makes it more diffcult! good game! 

your welcome!

ok i hope to see this game grow! this game is beautiful never give up

can't you just put the link for the google drive folder? like holy crap this is just laziness

not like anyone else would do it seriously just post the link dude! people are getting mad and will rate down you game after all right?

MY BASE! (sector 0 1 base to win)

Umm could you tell me some non outdated servers please?

I would recommend it because it can really open up more stuff to implement. for example there could be a share function and a map viewer plus player and even item creator and monster creator! it can open up games like these cuz there are alot of elements in games like these like monsters chests the rooms that has special things that happen and even more! they could even have floors! you could make something like a trelly (yeah i said trelly) to show people when stuff is  planned and what is currently is being worked on and more! ...i think thats enough of over genius ideas that i have no idea if it is genius ideas for one day....i made a fool of myself


can you make a level editor for this game? it would be so good to make a level!