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While i like the concept and art, there's a lot wrong with this game. 

- The commenter below me says that travel is tedious. It's not only tedious, it's down right dangerous. If you shoot one of your glowy things too far then there will be s shadow between the current one you are standing in and the next one, making it impossible to avoid damage. A target would be good so that the player could at least have a better idea of where the glow will land (I tried setting one next to me and ended up somehow shooting it away).

- There's no save system. I can't tell you the number of times I reached the guy that gives you the shadow gun, only to end up dying and having to start from the beginning, making my way over there.

- I wouldn't have so much of a problem with the egg creatures if they didn't stop following you. I understand if you get too far away that they'll stop following you, but they've been pretty close to me when they decide to just stop. It's hard to trap them when this keeps happening.

- Why is it that the island where you get the shadow gun only has one guy burst out of an egg at a time while the island with the block that shoots shadows has two pop out? Surprise is not something players want to see in a game where they need to start over when they die (you're basically punishing the player for playing your game as any person as any new person to the game would play it). This also is a bad idea since the island provide very little room for running away from the egg creature so the player can't react very well to the "surprise".

- Why is health so hard to find in a game where it is easy to make mistakes and get too close to the shadows? It'd be cool if there was a place where the player could recharge; it would be a reward for not sucking at the game (don't suck so much and you won't have to retrace your steps to recharge your health).

- Why isn't there a way to recall both glowy things? There will always be one out at all times (the player can wait for it to appear back in his/her inventory, but that's annoying)? Having both of them would allow for a quick path creation to help trap the creatures.

I know you only had 3 days to make this, but it's just extremely frustrating with the travel, reseting, and combat system.  All that aside, do have to say that it's one of the best games from the ludum dare 42.

SPECIAL THANK TO YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VALUABLE FEEDBACK. I really appreciate it. I'm preparing a post jam version and I'm fixing the problems you and everybody reported.