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Can you make a mac version of the game?

I don't understand the correlation between "I'm going back to school and I'll have a lot of work to do" and "I'm going to take down this thing I made that people want to play". That doesn't make any sense. You can move on to something original while still keeping this up. Unless there is something you aren't telling us, like the threat of being sued by the original creators of PT or something.

This game won't demand any more of your time. If there are bugs, there are bugs. Even the greatest of games has them. You don't have to fix them if you don't want to. You can just leave the game up.

The maze part is stupid. You place the player in a situation where they can't see where to go while an enemy is after them. The intolerable part is that you give the player a finite number of lives. The only way you can beat this part is by trial and error and you punish the player for doing this by making them restart the game from the beginning after a few deaths. After the third or fourth playthrough, I'm sick of it. It's not worth.

Is there an actual ending or is this just a really, really good walking simulator?

Is there a way to get all 9 areas to the max?

So are there only six endings or is there a secret one I'm missing?

The "Protect vs Gain" mechanic seems messed up. I select "repair" and "handling a dead body" from knowledge and gain goes up? Why wouldn't protect go up? There are plenty of other incidents like this though I'm guessing that none of the stats actually go "down", it's just showing the balance. Regardless, it doesn't make sense why the ratio would change in this way on some of these.

Still, I enjoyed the game. I've gotten to where I can basically beat it almost every time since the game always boils down to two scenarios:

She can't stay here, I can't secure her enough before I die, etc.

- Focus on training her to survive in the wild, as well as getting a map/GPS, a bow, and a tent.

There are too many threats outside, she'll have to get by with what I find for her, etc.

- Focus on gathering supplies (canned food, water) and increasing the defense of the cabin by boarding it up and digging a shelter.

I basically ignored the cooker and generator. I even stopped teaching her how to farm since it seemed to affect the stats strangely and it seemed counter intuitive (she can't farm if she is on the move and going out to farm would be dangerous if she need to stay inside).

I wish you luck in your future in game design.

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So you're basically not going to give me a straight answer? Thanks...

That's what I did. It just keeps repeating. I get up, use the toilet, wash my hands, and go back to sleep, and it repeats.

What new patch? The creator hasn't announced one since I posted my post.

I don't know what else to do after waking up in the middle of the night. I found that I can use the toilet and wash your hands, but I can't find anything else to do.

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This is kind of anti-climatic. SPOILERS AHEAD

You either try to leave your friend, which ends with him leaving with you anyways, you find a kid and leave with him, or you just leave with him. 

Am I missing something? Where's the sacrifice?

Is there anything special that happens after beating new game++? I'm not saying it is impossible because I think with enough time I can beat it, but I only have so much free time to spend (and I'd like to know if it is really worth investing my time in beating it. I'm thinking of making a walkthrough video for the game).

As for a review of your game, I think it is great! The movement is extremely smooth and fluid, which allows you to go as fast or slow as you want (I would like to point out though that playing the game on this page made it run slow, but it worked just fine when I downloaded and ran the game). Originally, I thought that the levels were all randomly generated (and that impressed me because there were no design flaws that would prevent me from completing the level), but now I think that you made a specific number of maps and the game randomly picks from one of them (how many, I don't know, but enough to where a casual player would be unlikely to catch on to this). 

The enemies were unique and equally challenging depending upon where they were located, which made ever replay feel new and interesting. The arrow system was also good as it made you feel that much vulnerable going up against enemies when you only have maybe two arrows or none. 

The boss was kind of too easy though after getting through all the levels, I would hate to lose to him and have to replay it all over again so maybe a super hard boss was a good thing to leave out.

New game+ was pretty easy for me, but new game++ is a pain, not only because it allows no room for mistakes and has no checkpoints, but the thing that chases you is faster. This wouldn't be such a problem if not for one thing; it seems to always come at you from a random direction. As soon as you grab the key, you'll want to start moving toward the door so as to put as much distance between you and that thing as you can since wall jumping up ledges and such slows you down. However, if you start moving immediately and jump down, you might land on that thing if it spawned close to you and it is below you. This was one of the only things that seemed unfair to me since half the time, the player will need to move down the level to reach the door.

Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it.

I've played the game and collected all three objects (as well as all the pages I could find. It seems like you just have to wait until the scenery changes). The problem is that the game doesn't end after getting all three objects, you can't get out the door, and, during the next scene change, I find myself stuck in the living room, unable to move and the demon gets me. Am I missing something?

You really need to add a skip button for the opening scene of the game. I know you were trying to emulate the PS1 look and stuff, but I don't have time to waste watching the same cutscene again when I go to play the game again.

Is there an ending to the game?

So how do you beat this game? I've lit five torches (four of which are at the corners of the game), found a door, a building I can't enter, a bus stop?, a screen that shows what I am seeing, a fountain, and a gas cloud that hurts me, and a radio. What am I missing? Also, it takes a long time to reach those torches.

All I can do is walk backwards. Is that normal?

How do you kill the enemies?

Can you make a mac version of the game?

I'm aware. I got the crystals, entered the rocket, and got the text (then the vehicle thing started falling through the rocket for some reason). I just wanted to ask if something was supposed to happen or if I needed to press something to initiate it. Thank you very much for the mac port and for taking the time to answer my comments.

It works. Thank you. So there is no actual ending once you get to the rocket?

That's not a cost; that's a punishment for playing the game.  The player can't control (with accuracy) where the flame will appear plus it seems like more than one flame is summoned when all I wanted was one. Lastly, it seems like the only way to beat the boss is to get close to draw him to you, which leads to him taking away your health (and it takes a large amount of flame to bring him down). I had to recharge myself at least five times. Recharging yourself in the game is basically required to beat it so you are punishing the player for playing your game.

Can you make a mac version of the game?

Can you make a mac version of your game?

I think the online version of the game is broken. Once it gets to level 6 (right after the level where the green is the last one), the game screen turns green and doesn't do anything else.

When does it end?

I activated all the pumps I think and went to the giant ball of electricity. Is there an ending?

I don't know how to open the game.

You mean the mac version?

Sorry for the wait. I tried the mac version. It seems to work fine. It seems to lag a little, but I don't think it's a problem with the game; for some reason, my computer will lag on some games even when they have simple graphics and nearly everything that would cause it to run slow is taken care of. 

As for game feedback, it wasn't what I was expecting to say the least. Based on the pictures, I thought it was going to be about floating and that the gameplay would be slow. The mechanic of light being the platform was pretty interesting and has a lot of potential (I was expecting for the game to reset if I touched darkness); how did you manage to program that?

By the way, are there multiple ending? I was wondering because I was unable to reach the ledge where you first see the butterflies.

Okay, please let me know when it's fixed.

Can you make a mac version of this game? Also, based on the small file size, it makes me think the game may be procedurally generated. Is there an actual end to the game?

Is there an actual "exit" or ending in the game?

I got all five coins and opened the book. What am I supposed to do now? I tried lighting up all the lights, but it hasn't done anything.

For some reason, the game lags a lot on Mac. I have plenty of storage space, didn't have anything else open, and had it set to the lowest resolution, and it still lagged to the point where the controls, like jump, would register late, causing me to fall into an abyss.

Can you make a mac version of the game?

So how do I make it full screen?

Is there an actual ending to level 2? I think I've grown just about everything in the level.