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The "Protect vs Gain" mechanic seems messed up. I select "repair" and "handling a dead body" from knowledge and gain goes up? Why wouldn't protect go up? There are plenty of other incidents like this though I'm guessing that none of the stats actually go "down", it's just showing the balance. Regardless, it doesn't make sense why the ratio would change in this way on some of these.

Still, I enjoyed the game. I've gotten to where I can basically beat it almost every time since the game always boils down to two scenarios:

She can't stay here, I can't secure her enough before I die, etc.

- Focus on training her to survive in the wild, as well as getting a map/GPS, a bow, and a tent.

There are too many threats outside, she'll have to get by with what I find for her, etc.

- Focus on gathering supplies (canned food, water) and increasing the defense of the cabin by boarding it up and digging a shelter.

I basically ignored the cooker and generator. I even stopped teaching her how to farm since it seemed to affect the stats strangely and it seemed counter intuitive (she can't farm if she is on the move and going out to farm would be dangerous if she need to stay inside).

I wish you luck in your future in game design.