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This is such a genius game! love it so much

It's really addictive. Love it <3

love it 👌👌❤️

Love the artstyle. the game-play is a bit off. it gets boring very soon.

Would've been cool if there was a secrete when proceeding to left instead of right. like a secret when you do not obbey.

overally nice job doing it in 72 hours :D

Thank you for playing Coconut Mousse :D I appreciate it.

Actually the game was free for about 2 months. after that I decided to make it a paid game in order to collect some analytics for about a month.

The game is now free again and you can download the game with the latest update from the main page. you can read the changes and overly the update log HERE.

Thank you :D

SPECIAL THANK TO YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VALUABLE FEEDBACK. I really appreciate it. I'm preparing a post jam version and I'm fixing the problems you and everybody reported.

Chrome, just like windows defender, do that when the publisher of the program is unknown. There is a playable WebGL version available on the page. why don't you try that?

Thank you for your support :D I may release a post jam version soon. You can follow the game page so you get notified when it's released ;D

Crap :/ I hope next time you make it :D

Where is the link to the game page on LD website?

I think the game needs a multuplayer with 1 keyboard mode.

btw the game is so cool and fun.

Sorry but I can't talk alot about it. because whatever I say about this subject, I may be labeled as a spy. because I don't even know what I shouldn't say. (I know it sounds funny even for ourselves)

Unfortunately people here got quite used to it and they do nothing in particular about this problem. among these some women like to have hijab and there is no obstacle for them about wearing hijab. but some people don't like to have this and they are trying to make it something evident. the real difficulty is for these kind of woman because sometimes they get arrested or get insulted by the police forces.

I don't really know what would happen. I can't even affect a typical problem about my society or country! how can I even think about affecting this important issue!

People here are not very unified. most of the times they don't care about each other. so if society or country conditions ever need any change, they won't do something in particular. the first problem is people and the solution is the same.

nevertheless we are in a tolerable situation than some other countries.

I live in Iran and I have a question. Do people really treat muslims like this in other countries? If yes (Wow) , it must be difficult for muslim people to live in such countries. Fortunately there are many many nice people who give them hope to live in a country they like.

And thank you for making this game. The message was very understandable and a true tragedy.

correct; I meant FarVahar

What?! Sara had a AhooraMazda nape tattoo?!