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I live in Iran and I have a question. Do people really treat muslims like this in other countries? If yes (Wow) , it must be difficult for muslim people to live in such countries. Fortunately there are many many nice people who give them hope to live in a country they like.

And thank you for making this game. The message was very understandable and a true tragedy.

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Unfortunately, yes, these incidents occur. There has been a sharp increase in the past year, not just against Muslims.

Some scholars believe that the violent backlash against Muslims is driven not only by the string of terrorist attacks in Europe, flood of refugees to Europe, but also by the political vitriol from Donald Trump and far-right politicians/candidates who have repeatedly used Anti-Muslim rhetoric, and are trying to ban immigration from Muslim countries, and enact laws discriminating against Muslims.

Very troubling and relevant, I read in the news yesterday, that the European Court of Justice (the EU's top court) ruled that employers are allowed to ban workers from the "visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign" including headscarves.

I don't know about Europe, but at least here in America, most people are against this type of hate crime, which has been increasing not just against Muslims, but also against Hispanic and Latino people, against the LGBTQ, against African Americans, against women, and even against Asian Americans like myself. The majority of Americans are against these hate crimes, and speak out either in protests and demonstrations, on social media, by calling their politicians, or even by making little games or art.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who do nothing about it, and there are still too many bystanders who do not want to get involved when the hate crime is happening. In some parts of America, the population is not very diverse, and has little exposure to non-Christians or non-Caucasians, other than what they see on TV, and they watch right-wing biased news channels which spread anti-muslim anti-immigrant fear to keep and increase their viewership. It's really a war of media and memes - do we choose fear or do we choose empathy?

How is it in Iran recently? I understand that women are forced to wear the hijab in public or will be punished or fined. Ironically, before 1979, women were banned from wearing the hijab, like some places in Europe currently. What is the opinion among demographic groups in Iran about the forced hijab? What do you think about the future of hijab restrictions as a young Iranian? (Are you allowed to speak about it without getting into trouble?)


Sorry but I can't talk alot about it. because whatever I say about this subject, I may be labeled as a spy. because I don't even know what I shouldn't say. (I know it sounds funny even for ourselves)

Unfortunately people here got quite used to it and they do nothing in particular about this problem. among these some women like to have hijab and there is no obstacle for them about wearing hijab. but some people don't like to have this and they are trying to make it something evident. the real difficulty is for these kind of woman because sometimes they get arrested or get insulted by the police forces.

I don't really know what would happen. I can't even affect a typical problem about my society or country! how can I even think about affecting this important issue!

People here are not very unified. most of the times they don't care about each other. so if society or country conditions ever need any change, they won't do something in particular. the first problem is people and the solution is the same.

nevertheless we are in a tolerable situation than some other countries.

Thank you for sharing about this. Stay safe!

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