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I enjoyed the game! I think the inventory mangement is well executed. The variety of different shapes and sizes for each item and the stats associated with each really makes you pick and choose what you need to keep and throw away. That being said, I do feel that the pacing of the game could use some more improvement, as it did feel like I was invincible after a certain point. It's nice that the stats for items are randomly generated, but, in my opinion, if there was a curve that increases the minium stats that you recieve for each item, while still randomly generating the stats for them, in balance with the enemies getting progressively tougher, it would overall help the pacing of the game progress a lot better. That being said, I still had a great time playing the game! I made a video with my experiences. Keep up the great work! 


Thank you so much for playing and recording our game! The way progression works right now is enemies get more and more difficult with every camp, while your items stay the same - so at some point, there's no way to beat them, the only question is how long will that last :) We tried to make it happen faster with the last patch while also not making it impossible for players who got bad rolls on items at first. In full version, we'll make sure to balance it better!