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I really like the idea of the game, but I find a few things too frustrating to enjoy higher levels.

- Character is very slow.

- The trash cost increase after every use.

- Enemies attack your items, which are then destroyed and must be trashed (which is too expensive after a few times). Can't even stop them fast enough, because they have too many hitpoints and oftentimes you are too far away (char too slow).

- New items in the buy-phase block me from trashing/buying other items.


- Make character generally faster or add some sprint mechanic

- Set the trash cost to a fixed price, based on your deck size (removing an action from a small deck is more expensive than removing it from a large deck).

- Enemies don't attack your stuff unless X (e.g. switching hand cards without having killed an enemy). Destroyed items are auto-repaired during next buy phase. (If this is too easy, change the position of the repaired item to a random tile)

- New items in buy-phase can be walked through. Or: Mouse interaction for trashing/buying.

As of now the game has many moments when bad luck outright destroys a run. Not having any influence over such a major outcome feels too much like a slot machine and less like skill.

It's called encumbered for a reason, you're not suppose to be fast. But yes the trash needs to be fixed and so do the enemies