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I'd like a button to pay the quota during the day, so I don't accidentally overspend.

Most of my power generators read "[0] Power Generator", but one is "[1] Power Generator" in the title. It's not the level, but something else. It costs much more to upgrade and produce more energy. What is that? How can I raise the tier of my [0] Power Generators?

Interesting concept but it feels like the best strategy is to simply have one row with a few stones that all have the same symbol on both sides.


Cool stuff. The music of this game isn't there tho. Is it intentional?

Where is the background music from? It's so relaxed.... I love it!

Oxygen stays at 100%. The void is forever.

When I load the game I fall through the floor into an infinite nothingness. #bug #existentialdread

I'd love to have an option to summon that boss earlier as I became utterly unbeatable (at the first half of the duration after the first ascension) and it was only waiting from then on.

The balance seems off as you beat the last 20 enemy waves within a few seconds when the multipliers start to hit in and you got like a billion population and 200T military.

An "idle" game where your resources become negative, when you aren't using them actively, preventing you from buying upgrades to win this "idle" game.


Def is being affected by two items while HP is level dependent and there seems to be some non-linearity in it. Having Lvl1, 100 HP and equipping a 78 HP plate brings you to 175 HP.

Do you mean without dying/restarting or is there some prestige mechanic, if so how does one reset?

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How can I see stats of the equipped loot and what are the background colors of the loot?

Also how about left click = equip, right click = sell?

Neither boss nor me can attack and my health is "asdasd". Soft locks the game.

Cozy indeed.

Feels weird to water a plant that stands in a lake though.


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How do I collect the stone or the foxeyes? The items drop to the ground but walking over them does nothing.

I don't see my mouse when opening the crafting menu.

Very confusing. What are the things I'm buying? Why are things not working? The game does not even say whether having too much volt or buttons is wrong or not.

I'm really not a fan of the design choice of simply killing you and wasting literally all progress when the player relies on the description provided by the game. The game kills you, if you think you have enough power if your consumption is less than the production. The game kills you if you build something and power unexpectedly goes to zero. The game kills you if you fly to the asteroid belt and think that the "tons needed" is how much you need. I even saved up three times the material compared to "tons needed" and the game simply killed me as the "tons needed" was simply a gross lie.

Very disappointing. Such a waste of time.

Not sure how to proceed as the "Travel to Asteroid Belt" button does literally nothing.

Maybe the "It will take 4605.1 tons" is the issue as I have just 2912.63 tons, but when I add 100 tons, the requirement is simply increased by 100 tons, so I will never be able to reach it. Am I missing something?

Good start, but the towers have the tendency to ignore immediate dangers. When the big enemy appeared all my towers kept shooting at him and ignored the small enemies which then destroyed my base without resistance.

You can hire like 15 people and it's still faster to do it yourself. True to life.

On another note: One can hold down left mouse button and move the mouse, which retriggers the click like 100 times per second.

Game froze on T2 when I was afk for 2 minutes. Upgrades were: damage: 200, 5x lines, maxed shooting speed, T2, no specials.

For those with the frame size issue, here a workaround: In Firefox you can right click the game title when it is loaded and then "This Frame", then "Show Only This Frame".

There is probably something similar in Chrome.

Very good!

Thank you for the detailed response.

It's like the opposite of idle. Still a good game.

My mouse cursor is simply invisible after the first turn. (Firefox, newest version, Win10)

Could you please confirm: Does the license cover all personal and commercial works and products except the exception ("You cannot resell or distribute our compositions as they are."). Or is it limited to games?

Could I make a Youtube video (like trailers for the game, let's plays of the game, or utterly unrelated videos) that uses the works as background music? Or a movie, app, or an audiobook that has the music in the background?

At a random time, for no apparent reason the game simply turned black and all progress was lost. Frustrating.

For me writing 1.01 (i.e. with period) works properly and 1,01 breaks it. Strange.

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The problem is the period vs. comma. If I enter something, then it gets replaced with "1,1" (not "1.1"). This is the wrong decimal separator for unity, which then causes the error.

Am I supposed to click 100 times for first upgrade and 250 more times to get second upgrade? Am I missing something?

"On reflect speed" always displays numbers as "1,1" and will change movespeed to 100 on first bounce. Maybe faulty CultureVariant settings regarding decimal places?

I think the question-mark icon on recipes is very misleading. I thought it meant that the question-mark symbolized an item that I have not yet unlocked/found, which is why I tried to unlock other things first and skipped that part of the game for some while. I think it would be much clearer to simply remove the sprite.

Is there a second ending?

Also where did the penguin go?

Not an idle game.

But these are ducks... ducks!

Ducks are so wholesome!