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I've just played the game and, same as with Tomai and AWOO, it left me with a silly smile on my face! I just love the feeling of positivity of your games, where love and friendship are always deeply linked, highlighted by the bright colors and the soft, rounded lines of your art. Your sex scenes are also always joyful and pure, a delight to read!

I'm looking forward to the final version of AWOO, and to everything else you two will deliver in the future!

Thank you so much! Both I (DCS, the artist) and Arcade Party (the writer) are always really happy to read comments like this-- because so much of that stuff is really important to us! And I know I'm personally very flattered that you've played not only this game-- but Tomai and AWOO too! Ah, it's so awesome to hear!

Thanks a ton for taking the time to leave us this awesome comment, it does the heart good! <3