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Nothing at all. Just this:

I think I know why the crash isnt reporting, could you please restart the launcher?

Done. Same result. You got the crash report this time?.

No, Could you try this debug Build and tell me what happens?

Of course. I'll do it first change I get tomorrow. I only have Macs at home, my gaming PC is at the office. :)


Placed the files in the same folder.

Ran the launcher again.

The app crashed, as before.

Hope you got the crash report this time.

No, It seems to be crashing before the reporting, but inside the build there was a .pdb file, could you send me it? I really appreciate you are helping me to debug this, Thank you.


Don't worry. It's my pleasure. I'll send it over tomorrow as soon as I can.

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Just a thought, but are you running the program as Administrator? Also can you show me the console output? And try using the launcher with admin privileges

Yes, I'm running it as admin (also the launcher). No, I can't screenshot the console because the game screen tries from the beginning to open as fullscreen, and covers the console. Then crashes, and the console dissapears. I've tried. Here is the file:

Okay so we rule out the admin problem, I uploaded a new version which should redirect the console output to a file names log.txt in the same directory, please send me the contents.