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Yes, I'm running it as admin (also the launcher). No, I can't screenshot the console because the game screen tries from the beginning to open as fullscreen, and covers the console. Then crashes, and the console dissapears. I've tried. Here is the file:

Okay so we rule out the admin problem, I uploaded a new version which should redirect the console output to a file names log.txt in the same directory, please send me the contents.

Here is the file:!Ag4aWPoVkOIfkgfDz4zdwe4XL6AI Hope it helps.

I am clueless the crash wasnt reporting because it isnt catching any crash. It may be crashing on another Thread so I added more exception handling as well as a global one. Please could you try running the launcher once more? It may be that. Any way thank you for your patience.

I'll do it tomorrow first moment I got. Don't worry.
Same outcome.!Ag4aWPoVkOIfkgkBLZ7LUFcByStL
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I am starting to think it's something It's something more related to the OS e.g A compatibility problem in my code. Download Procdump and run this command next to the Hedra.exe
procdump.exe -e 1 -x "Path/To/CrashDump/Folder" "Path/To/Hedra.exe/Folder" It will generate a crash dump of the process on the first unhandled exception, Then I can read it and see whats all about.

Don't have the slightest idea how to use that command. The path is H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra. Please type precisely what do you want me to into into the run prompt.

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1- Open Cmd in the folder you have the procdump.exe

2- Run this command procdump.exe -e 1 -x "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/" "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/Hedra.exe" It will run the game and generate a .dump file with more information about the crash. And then send me the .dump file which will be in the folder "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/" By the way which proccesor do you have and its 32 or 64 bit? Also which video card

Windows 10 Pro (1067), 64 bits. This PC it only has at this moment Intel integrated graphics (QR/Q43 Express Chipset), 16 Gb RAM (an Nvidia GTX950M was removed from it a few weeks ago). The dump file:!Ag4aWPoVkOIfkgrvb86QDfnwpgjr