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Hey Grunt (GruntSteel, GS?), I really wish I could contribute to this somehow as it seems to hit home pretty hard with the self esteem stuff, I would love to help with proofreading and fixing some of the typos and such in the writing but I don't want to ruin the story by knowing what's ahead... Tough choices, plus I don't even know if you're looking for anyone to do that. Figured I'd volunteer anyway, I think what you're doing so far is positively excellent!


Sorry for not responding earlier.

I try to proofread and I'm happy to have any help once an update is released. Usually, the first week after an update I try and fix all the typos and errors reported and if needed I'll apply a small patch fixing them then.
Feel free to reach out to me on discord (either through DM or through the server) and send me anything you find, and I'll make sure it is fixed.

However, after previous experiences with specific proofreaders ending up missing the same thing as me (Reading too much of the same thing, perhaps?) I don't want to fully commit to having an editor or such at this time.  I appreciate the attention and offer.