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Wew child... Maybe I'm easy to please, but boy was this wonderful. I loved the writing, the art, the music, and I was salivating during that dream scene.

You guys are really on to something with this, and I can't wait to see more!

I would, but I'm out of strawberry... Gotta remember to go to the store and get some!

Y'all are awesome for including a feature to skip the loooong part of the story that doesn't change between routes, I'm really enjoying the story so far!

Also Toast is fucking hot and precious, God damn.

I need some Toast for breakfast 馃崬馃槏

Download 7zip or some other application to unpack a RAR file.

Hey Grunt (GruntSteel, GS?), I really wish I could contribute to this somehow as it seems to hit home pretty hard with the self esteem stuff, I would love to help with proofreading and fixing some of the typos and such in the writing but I don't want to ruin the story by knowing what's ahead... Tough choices, plus I don't even know if you're looking for anyone to do that. Figured I'd volunteer anyway, I think what you're doing so far is positively excellent!