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Hello Icarlc, 

Thanks for playing the game! Regarding the protagonist, it was intentionally made so that the protagonist is you yourself, and their gender your gender. (But perhaps that left it more ambiguous...?) Honestly, while creating the game, I viewed the protagonist as female, but tried to make it more universal. Thanks for the comment, though- I don't plan to make a genderless protagonist next time.

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Not so much that I was asking for a change. Just that it felt weird seeing my predominantly male name being referred to as "her".  Not that there is a problem with it, just a bit of a shock. Moreover, if anything actually needs to be done (Not saying it has to be) just a simple statement that the protagonist is female.

WAIT WHAT. There's a "her" referred as the protagonist!? Crap. Gotta fix that. Thanks for telling me. (It's supposed to be genderless)

Anytime, I am glad I could help you.