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I'll come check in another month, hopefully it will be out.

Just keeps getting better and better.

Is this game abandoned?

Hi, I bought this game, but keep getting an error when I try to extract the Rar.

On the PC, the game is getting better and better.

It is beginning to shape into a good story.

Can't wait for the next version.

Is there any update on this?

Though it seems to be alright, the translation needs to be cleaned up, and not enough here to give an actual rating. I do like the way the story seems to be heading. Keep up the good work.

Meh, you have abandoned this game, right?

Anytime, I am glad I could help you.

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Not so much that I was asking for a change. Just that it felt weird seeing my predominantly male name being referred to as "her".  Not that there is a problem with it, just a bit of a shock. Moreover, if anything actually needs to be done (Not saying it has to be) just a simple statement that the protagonist is female.

This is a fun read and play.  I have one complaint though and that is that there is no mention of the protagonist gender before the game starts. It would be nice to know.