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Greetings from MikeyBlighe's Examination Supervisor.

A pleasant yet rather excitable patient, MikeyBlighe played through the simulation with great interest, although did experience a rather large amount of disorientation, which according to the patient is completely normal for him.

The patient found the graphical qualities of the game to be lo-fi yet still eye-catching, and the queries based on visual representation to be a very interesting methodology. However he did seem confused by the ending of the test, but was nonetheless impressed (if not equally bewildered) by the experience.

Form 42-B was sent along to you via electronic mail earlier today, I sincerely hope you find its contents useful and informative.

Thank you for the time you put into experiencing the TSOTG evaluation software. Your form was received and analyzed by clinical staff. Expect form 73-D in your mail box in the coming day.