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I love what I've seen so far, this game looks so promising! The inspiration from the Digimon World games is clear to me, but the game easily stands on its own two legs.

I have a quick question though: How do you access the daycare? I got the two tunnel people to join, but they always tell me to come back at a later date... But I think I have reached the end of the demo now.


Hey, glad you liked the demo! I recommend replaying it once the next update comes this month, almost all of the overworld areas have been revamped and some new mechanics have been introduced.

As for your question; You need to recruit Tami as well (the Bank NPC) and she'll open the daycare. I'll make this more clear through dialogue in the next update as well. Did you recruit Benny? If so, then yep that's the end of this demo.