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Yep sorry about that :/ I fixed it in the meantime, but this is an old demo that I haven't updated yet

It's just me! :D free assets like fonts, music and sounds were also used, but as far as "the team" goes it's a team of one at this moment

true, would be an interesting meta thing to do - to purposefully leave those typos in to simulate the old JRPG vibe :D but yeah, it's better to fix it

Ah, true, I'll fix that. Thank you for the report!

Ohh nice, thank you for the upload! :)

hey there! that's the old version. You'll need to download it again (it should say "0.2" in the corner, when you start the game)

Hey! I've updated the game to version v0.2! It's a pretty big update, so hope you'll check it out :)

Hey, glad you liked the demo! I recommend replaying it once the next update comes this month, almost all of the overworld areas have been revamped and some new mechanics have been introduced.

As for your question; You need to recruit Tami as well (the Bank NPC) and she'll open the daycare. I'll make this more clear through dialogue in the next update as well. Did you recruit Benny? If so, then yep that's the end of this demo.

Thank you! I recommend a Fire or Elec-type Tama to deal with the Golem :)

I feel you :D Let me know if you need help with anything!

Hey, there's a new version out now, v0.1.1. It introduced new areas, CP for techs (essentially PP, if you played Pokemon) and many other tweaks.


New update will come out next week. Hope to see you play it! :)

Thank you! An update will be coming soon (July most likely) so stay tuned.

Thank you for the review! Which ingredient did you miss in the end? I'll add more hints on how to find it ingame.

thank you <3

No, not to my knowledge :) Enjoy.

Glad you liked it! Those are some of my favorite childhood games :) I responded to you in Discord but I'll mention here as well - I only mapped PS4 joystick buttons for now. I'll add more sensible support for the Xbox controller in the future.

Thanks for playing :) I'm glad you liked it!