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I love what I've seen so far, this game looks so promising! The inspiration from the Digimon World games is clear to me, but the game easily stands on its own two legs.

I have a quick question though: How do you access the daycare? I got the two tunnel people to join, but they always tell me to come back at a later date... But I think I have reached the end of the demo now.

Came back to this after a longer break and I'm loving the way Tai's route is headed... I was thinking it went all a little bit too smoothly ! This is gonna be really interesting.

Also I love Jay with all my heart, congrats on making another absolute king

They're both really cute and seem to capture his essence, but I prefer design A I think... would be cool if the sprite in-game looked a bit more like the concept shown here though!

Tano's cute... Tryst is cute... goddamnit

priest at the Ranok/MC wedding: i hereby pronounce you husband and male wife

jokes aside I really love the MC. hope he's gonna be able to help Ranok accept himself.

I like Andrew.... I wanna give him a chance.... Spencer pls cooperate

(I'm enjoying this game!!! Followed it from pretty early on but now that it has a lot more to show, it's really making me curious!)

If the next Patreon goal is reached, he will be eventually.

since this is set in norway, in my head I said Lake like how I imagine my danish friend would say it like.... lakə lmao. now to find out it's the actual english word I feel like a clown

I prefer the sprite art style :) enjoying the more cutesy art style

This was so fun, I enjoyed the MC's inner voice & snark a lot!! Elliot and Quinn are the guys I'm most excited to get to know better.

Eric is really fun.... now I'm wishing he had a route too, but I know that's probably not in the cards :') still a good update

Jørgen has a really cool design!! You don't see many bats in these games. I like the characters a lot already, a very cute art style.

Spoilers, kinda

Not related to William, but in the last CG in Cliff's current route you can also see something waay in the background that looks like a person looking onto the scene... no glowing eyes tho

I'm a little curious - is Axel going to have a romance arc for himself or would we be intruding on something...?

just talked to my therapist about this game. 5 stars

Oh wow, I played this game years ago and just came back to it a week or so ago to replay Owen's route...... I love what you've done with his day 10, that was such a sweet and thrilling chapter.  

I hope you're recovering well on your hiatus, and look foward to you coming back to this game eventually. I didn't expect to still be this attached to it!

What a great start! Positively surprised by the amount of polish in such an early build! It's clear how much love and care went into this project.

Can't wait to see more ! Characters are all lovely and interesting, the art is great, fully hooked.

That's a shame, I really think there's a lot to him that makes him interesting and I can't wait to see how his path will unfold.

I'm obviously kinda hoping for a romantic path with Colby, but I'm not sure if that's a possibility for him.... He seems to be pretty bent on letting his past stay in the past. But they can move on together, right...? :D

I really, really like Noah. His path shook me the most.

Very hooked by this game.... glued to the screen even though I neither know much about nor care a lot about sports. Enjoying the characters a lot.

Just a quick question: Is day 10 still part of the prologue? Or does the choice at the start lock in your route?

This was amazing.... I was glued to the screen the entire time. So excited to see more of this. Also, Jymsar is adorable.

The characters sprites in this game are so expressive and lively !!!! I love that so much, it really makes this game special. Great work !!!!!

This is already a massive improvement on Vee's sprite!!! So happy to see it, great work

Excited ♥

Are the events in this DLC gonna be tied in to/referenced in the main game? Or is it completely seperate? Either way, excited to spend Valentine's with Bash ♥


I loved this a lot... the anxiety depiction is too real.

I really hope this project is still ongoing!

Zo is best boy

I loved every second of this, can't wait to see more of it... 

the characters are so earnest and heartfelt ! Nate is really precious, burst out laughing more than once during his icebreaker scene... russel immediately won me over too, and im very curious about the dragon character! Here's hoping you'll hit those stretch goals, i'll be sure to contribute

I keep getting an alert by my anti-virus software about a "TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen" file whenever I try to download the windows version of this game.... is that actually dangerous or can I ignore it? Would love to give this game a try!