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is it like a demo or something?

Yes, it's just the demo. The full game will not be released until next year. 


:( :( :( :( :( sad face sad face SAD FACE!

It's really great though. I love it so far. Do you mind if I ask the ages of the charcters?

And maybe a possible dish that Rei likes..... I may or may not be thinking about making a fanfiction   >////>

The character ages and other info are on their character sheets on the old kickstarter campaign:

A short rundown is:
Rei: 24
Aiden: 35
Jun: 32
Leo/Griffith: 20
Minami: 18

Rei's favorite food is curry and favorite drink iced coffee.

djaaaaa!!! *head explodes* 6 year age differance beetween me ship. *cripiling depression* 

thank you so so so so much for tolerateing my ridculessness.

*two miutes later* 

just checked the profiles.


omg on Minami's profile: spending time with rei, cooking with rei. lol