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I agree completely and totally.

I so agree. I feel like this comment was a little rude just to give you a heads up but if this game isn't created sooner or later i'm going to want my money back. Sorry

When is the full game going to come out?

What do I do after I've gotten an ID card and I have Sylvia following me? I can't seem to click on the bulitain.

Loved it. When is the full release and how much will it cost?

I love KiriBaku and BakuShima but I can't get the good ending is there a guide somewhere?

HONEY if you ask me ther's plenty to the demo to know how AMAZING this game will be!


The full game costs $14,99

is what you said somewhere. I bought something for 15$ so have I pre-ordered the game?

Okay yeah, I just played the demo. This whole Extended demo thing.... What's that about? How do I get it? Does it cost extra. OH GOD. I'm stacking you with questions. So sorry. But I guess what I really wanna know is theese things if you could get back to me about them;

When the full game will be released

If it will cost money even though I bought the demo (or did I pre-buy the game? I payed $15) 

  How much it will cost if yes to the last question.

How I can get the extended demo.

And last if the extended demo costs extra

I'm so sorry for taking your time. I love this your doing amazing! Keep up the great work. Thank you. ThAnK yOu. THanK You. THANK YOU!


thank you

Hey, I buoght this thinking it was the full game. I still want to play the demo but I would like a estimated relese point. I watched a video of the demo and I'm really interested in this. I was a little disapointed when i found out I had bought the demo. I have two things I'd lke to know...

1. Estimated release date. (I wont be disapointed  so please just tell us)

2. How much the full game is going to be 

So the demo only goes up to the part I mentioned. okay! Thank you. I promise I wont bug you anymore

OMG no problem. I just can't find many Visual novels that I am:

a) Interested in


b) my parents will let me play

So I'm just super excited and once again tysm for tolerating my bullcrap

djaaaaa!!! *head explodes* 6 year age differance beetween me ship. *cripiling depression* 

thank you so so so so much for tolerateing my ridculessness.

*two miutes later* 

just checked the profiles.


omg on Minami's profile: spending time with rei, cooking with rei. lol

Okay, I promise this is my last question. I IS JUST SO FULL OF THE EXCITEMENT! Do we have a general month or time of the year that you guys will release it at? I'm not trying to rush yall. Take yall's time and make it AMAZING (just like u have been doing). I is just soooooo excited.

And maybe a possible dish that Rei likes..... I may or may not be thinking about making a fanfiction   >////>


:( :( :( :( :( sad face sad face SAD FACE!

It's really great though. I love it so far. Do you mind if I ask the ages of the charcters?

yes that must be it TYSM

is it like a demo or something?

okay so I got up to the part where is says this(Bold):

The Docter has killed again.

Now what? Is that like as far as they have gotten or what? I am confuduled. I have no idea how to continue the story. 


uMMMMMMM how does one unlock rex's rout? (I think I finished luka's) plz dont tell me I have to go tru all of da choice comibinations