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This game looks like it's gonna be amazing! I'm a huge fan of old school beat 'em ups and this one combines that classic feel with some more modern aspects like being able to interact with your environment.

The pixel graphics are on point, the 80's references are glaring but wonderful and the toilet humour is right up my poopy street.

There's some seriously fun gameplay to be had and goofy characters to talk to, and I honestly can't wait to play more of this! Keep up the awesome work! =)


Awesome video Mikey!

We really do enjoy seeing other people play and react to our game. It's a great way to see what works and what doesn't work with the game. What needs to be improved and/or changed etc.

For example, we have realized that the "mini-boss" at the end of the parking lot fight needs to be changed as people rarely realize how to get him down. Atm we just put him in there as a goof since he goes down instantly with just one hard punch or kick to the balls. As regular punches and kicks don't do squat against him.

Thank you for making a video about HP. We really appreciate it! We intend to update our demo further down the road once we have more content in place!